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Chaos Canyon

About Us

A small, permanent racing and customising facility based in Auckland, NZ. We are dedicated to bringing diecast racing to the masses after we discovered this awesome hobby in Feb 2020.

In what was a very difficult time all over the world, diecast racing brought fun and excitement in otherwise bleak times.

Our first introduction to the diecast world of Hot Wheels racing, was via 3D Botmaker's YouTube channel because his new DRC rally series was making the car racing news around the world as sporting events were cancelled en masse. The amazing tracks and production values inspired us, along with countless others to take up the hobby, and this is our home.

The Team

Who's at the Canyon?

Spanners Mustang.jpg
Thom 'Spanners' Watson

Main Commentator, mechanic and racer

Stock and Ratrod 8 Crates.jpg
Frank 'Guru' Gibbs

Commentator, car customiser and racer 

Stuntman Steve 5 Aug 2020 - diecast stun
Stuntman Sam

Resident Stuntman and Crazy Person

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